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Feb. 11th, 2007



So, since Wednesday, I had been feverishly learning six verses worth of Torah to read yesterday morning during services. By "feverishly learning", I of course mean that I was "considering feverishly learning, but really spending twenty to thirty minutes a day going over the reading in a leisurely fashion".

One of these days, my pathological laziness will kill me.

At any rate, the whole issue was rendered moot. Why? Because we didn't have a minyan at services this past Shabbat. Now, true, you don't need one to read Torah, but you do need it for Kaddish and Barchu and a bunch of other stuff, but the end result is we didn't really feel like doing the service. And this is after 40-45 minutes of waiting for people to show up. So we just ate lunch instead.

After this, I just sort of vedged for most of the day, updating my music collection (more on that later) and watching movies with friends. On this list includes the unspeakably bad "Plan 9 From Outer Space". Nick and I tried to get through it but we gave up. It's just such a terrible movie. Not as bad as Manos, but at least with Manos, we had the MST3K people doing their shtick.

Somewhere along the line, however, I decided that what I really needed to do was update my music collection. My sisters have repeatedly accused me of having lousy taste in music and only listening to what is popular. They are in fact right, but I've decided to try and broaden my horizons. Hence, I now have the most of the works of the Beatles, Led Zeppelin (embarrasingly, I only recognize "Stairway to Heaven"), Guns 'N Roses, The Sex Pistols and Rusted Root. I plan on acquiring Pink Floyd soon, but if you have any good suggestions, I'm open. I won't listen to rap, though, and I'm not much of a country fan. Other than that, anything goes.

At any rate, never varnish your clams.
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